Helsinki Walk
Today, they can easily rent a cottage on the lake, and relax in the fresh air, without worrying about anything. And if you want to diversify your vacation, you can…

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Where to go to the UAE?
The United Arab Emirates today is a combination of tradition and the latest achievements, gorgeous beaches against the backdrop of bold multi-storey architecture and desert landscapes ... For tourists there…

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Features of hotel service in the resorts of Bibione and Lignano
Until recently, tourists from Russia did not often drift into the Venice Riviera, and in particular in Bibione and Lignano. Lovers of package tours and All Inclusive recognized only the…

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How to choose a tour and not regret your choice?

You can trust the travel agency, they will be happy to help you choose the right tour, taking into account your taste and financial condition, because it is for this that they exist. And you can rely only on yourself and on your own strength, and choose the tour yourself, and believe me, there is nothing difficult here, you just need to take into account all the nuances and not forget anything.

How to choose a tour and not regret your choice?

You should not do rash acts and settle for a hot tour in a couple of days, but it’s certainly tempting to relax at two times cheaper than previously suggested, but not only the price is important, but also the quality of the rest. No oneHow to choose a tour and not regret your choice?the rest about the lost money, if not so much, and about the lost time. After all, most vacation only once a year.

Ask yourself, how do you imagine your holiday?

There will be a beach, sand, ocean, hot sun, discos and a sea of ​​acquaintances, or a ski resort, and maybe the rest will be based on excursions to attractions, or tents, a river, mountains, mosquitoes and fires at night.

Further, the goal of rest

You can say – yes, what is the goal, for the rest one goal is to rest, and here and not, everyone can pursue completely different goals. For example, it doesn’t matter how and where to spend the rest, the main thing is to relax as well as others, get a lot of impressions and take a lot of photos for memory.

The second goal is for all friends and colleagues to be jealous.

Third, it is just a break from work, fuss, household chores and gain strength for further fruitful work. These goals, of course, can intertwine with each other.

It is also worth determining your holiday budget.

Now you can start with the choice of location, country. Choosing a country, we start from the season, the city according to your taste or the recommendations of the travel agency manager.

It is important to choose the right hotel. If you are looking for a more active vacation, discos, rides, youth parties, then you definitely will not find a hotel located in a remote village. But if you want peace of mind, lie in silence on the beach, listen to the sound of the surf, and get enough sleep at night, then this option is for you.

Keep in mind that in some hotels in the morning they call everyone for exercises, jogging, fun games and breakfast, so if this is not in your plans, then discuss it with the manager immediately.

Then we look for websites on tourism on the Internet, there is an opportunity to immediately check if such a tour exists, for this you need to choose the desired country, resort, hotel category, trip duration, number of people who will live in one room. The cost that you have, it will be the price for a hotel room, that is, all people at once. To start on the same site, you can browse hotels and find the right one for you and your budget.

After you decide on the hotel, look on the Internet for reviews of other tourists who have already been there and can tell you firsthand how good or bad there is. Be sure to analyze the reviews, because there are pretty ridiculous, for example, the wallpaper in the room was red, not pink, the breakfast was served not when I would like, the view from the window was not so beautiful, etc. You are interested in reviews of adequate people, so you will need to browse through more than one site to make a final conclusion about the hotel. Find these reviews will not be difficult, it is enough in any search engine to register the name of the hotel.

You also need to discuss the issue of nutrition, there are tours: no meals at all, only breakfast, the choice of either breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner, three meals a day. There are also hotels in which the Buffet system operates, here you can eat what you want and as much as fit in your stomach.

The most common system in hotels is All inclisive, that is, “All inclusive”. But do not immediately rejoice, imagining that everything will be allowed to you and the “ocean of pleasure” will overwhelm you. What exactly will be included all the same depends on the category (number of stars) of the hotel. In low categories, this may be limited to a few dishes, beer, soda. And in good, expensive hotels, there really will be an all-inclusive, permanent, refined food for every taste, where you will not have to limit yourself in the amount of consumed products. Baths, fitness halls, solariums, beach loungers will be there.

There is still Ultra fIl inclisive, there really will be everything included: and even foreign alcoholic beverages. What other special services will be offered to you, still depends on the hotel itself, it can be a golf course, a football field and a volleyball field, etc. There is also a huge selection of children’s attractions, whole hypermarkets for entertainment.


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