Five famous abandoned resorts in the world
Popularity is a fickle thing. Tourist centers and famous resorts, like people, live and die. We will tell here about the five once popular, and today - the forgotten centers…

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New destinations for a beach holiday with children in Italy
Italy remains the foremost foreign destination for families with children. Among the Russian families, the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian Riviera, which I offer adults and…

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The best beaches of Sharm El Sheikh
Thanks to a decent Egyptian service, clear sea and gorgeous coral reefs, Charm, without exaggeration, is the most popular Egyptian resort among foreign tourists ... In this article we will…

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Top 10 places in the Tver region

A selection of the top 10 places in Tver and the Tver region, where you can and should go to the New Year holidays, and which Tver guides will professionally tell you about.

1. Tver Imperial Palace
The symbol of Tver, the visiting card of our city and the architectural monument of not only Russian, but also of world importance – the Imperial Palace – is again open for visitors.
It is interesting that the building of the palace itself has practically no analogues in Russia and abroad.
Today, the Tver Regional Picture Gallery is located in the building of the Imperial Palace, where works of such prominent painters as A. Venetians, G. Soroka, I. Aivazovsky, A. Savrasov, I. Shishkin, I. Levitan, K. Korovin, V. Serov are represented. , I. Repin, V. Surikov, and many others.
Address: Tver, st. Sovetskaya, 3

2. Karting Center “RUMOS”
The first and only indoor karting center in Tver with modern equipment that meets all safety requirements. The Center has a closed and open track, a children’s karting school, individual lessons with a professional trainer for all ages.
Address: Tver, M10 highway, 165 km

3. Christmas Fair in the city center of Tver
From December 23 to January 7, the main Christmas fair of Tver will be open. It will combine the best Russian and European traditions: “gingerbread” houses with original gifts and treats from the manufacturers of the Tver region, a food court with a New Year and Christmas menu, art installations and, of course, a cultural program.

4. Kurakin Manor
Stepanovskoe-Volosovo is a manor of the princely Kurakin family, located in the village of Volosovo, Zubtsovsky District, Tver Region. The Tver fiefdoms belonged to Kurakin since Tver was annexed to Moscow, that is, from the beginning of the 16th century. The most famous representative of the Kurakin princely family was Boris Ivanovich Kurakin, Peter the Great’s brother-in-law: they were married to the Lopukhins, their sisters. There is a legend that in Lev Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace, the legendary family of princes Kurakin was derived under the name Kuragin.
Currently, the owners of the manor complex have returned their former magnificence to the main building of the manor and the manor park. Today it is the only place in the Tver region where you can get acquainted with the interiors of a noble manor of the XIX – XX centuries. The main house of the estate is open to visitors from Wednesday to Sunday. Manor Park is open for walks daily.
Address: Tver region, Zubtsovsky district, Volosovo village

5. Eco-Land “Chukavino”
This is a real fairy tale for children and adults – here you can stroke a reindeer, ride horses, see spotted deer and play plenty with friendly huskies and Malamutes. It is also one of the few professional riding centers in Russia where they breed and train Siberian and Alaskan husky dogs, Alaskan Malamute, and Samoyed huskies – there are more than 40 in their kennel.
Address: Tver region, Staritsky district, village Chukavino

6. Park of active rest “Grishkino”
It seems that Grishkino Park has everything for a great winter holiday: skating, skiing, tubing and cheesecakes, archery, and even horse sleigh rides.
Address: Tver region, Kalininsky district, Burashevskoye village, Grishkino village, 32,

7. All-Russian Historical and Ethnographic Museum in Torzhok
Fun interactive programs “Magic New Year” and “Christmas Eve in the city of Torzhok”, with street games, fortune telling, a tour of the museum and tea with pies and “Dunka” will appeal to the whole family, and even better – collect a large company.
Address: Tver region, Torzhok, ul. Lunacharsky, 21

8. The cycle of free tours “New Year’s fun in Tver”
We invite you to plunge into the fabulous time of New Year’s magic and Christmas miracles in Tver. In the provincial capital understood a lot about entertainment. You will find out how the townspeople were entertained in a circus and circus, how they were invited and shown in the “Raik” girlish “terrible” divinations, the culinary features of the Christmas table and the Tver “hallway glass”.

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