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Beautiful vintage Lisbon

The city of Lisbon is magnificent, you can wander around its historic streets all day without any purpose, just enjoy this ancient and beautiful city, as well as its unique atmosphere …

Beautiful vintage Lisbon
Walk around this city is unlikely to want with a guide, listening to his stories. It is more interesting to move around the capital of Portugal. Although a sightseeing tour is worth a visit. From Praça da Figueira, half-an-hour sightseeing tours of Lisbon are sent on four different routes.

Lisbon Tours
There are a lot of places that you later want to tell your friends about.
One of these places is the monastery of Jeronimos. He is famous for the fact that Vasco da Gamma is buried here – a Portuguese traveler who first came not by land, but by sea from Europe to India.

Not far from the monastery there is a small island located in the Tagus River. On this island is the tower of Belem – the symbol of the city. A fort was erected at the mouth of the river to protect against enemies who could come to the city from the sea. However, he was not able to perform a defensive function, the tower served as a prison, then a warehouse, then customs.

Belen Tower – the symbol of the city of Lisbon
The area around the tower is called Belem, it also has many interesting sights. Here are the monument to the discoverers, the planetarium, the museum of electricity, the maritime museum. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves in this wonderful city.

You can get here by choosing, for example, blue, purple or yellow routes on a sightseeing bus. A nice feature: you can either leave the bus at any point in the route, or sit in it and continue the tour from anywhere.

Streets of Lisbon
In Lisbon, to solve the housing problem is easy, there is a huge selection of hotels. As in any European capital, in Lisbon are also quite high prices for accommodation. But it is always possible to find an acceptable option in terms of location, cost and quality of service. The approximate price for a 3 star hotel is around 40-60 EUR. This will be the best option for tourists who save, but also want to get a good quality service.

Old Lisbon
It should be noted that prices do not always differ radically. It happens that the price of a 4 or 5 star hotel is almost the same as 3 stars, while the quality of services will be higher. The most wealthy travelers can afford to stay, for example, in such a popular hotel as Lapa Palace. The easiest room in this hotel will cost 300+ EUR. But in some four-star hotels a luxurious room for two can cost just 75 EUR. The price is due to the location of the hotel. More expensive are the rooms in hotels located in the city center. It is impossible to call a serious drawback that the hotel is not in the center, because it will take about 20 minutes to get to the center by public transport.

Many people prefer to live not in the city itself, but in the nearest suburb, on the ocean. The advantages in this version are obvious: fresh ocean air, a more calm and measured pace of life and, of course, the ocean and beaches.

To the north, the stiff old-fashioned Estoril and Cascais will offer respectable bars, cafes, discos, clubs, and to the south democratic Costa da Caparica, just recently a fishing village, will offer modest cafes and restaurants and a huge 20-kilometer beach. In the suburbs, the prices for accommodation are even lower than on the outskirts of Lisbon, and getting to the center is not much more difficult.

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