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Where to go to rest on the sea this summer?

In this article we will try to understand what each of these countries is attractive for, why tourists love it, and why they return there every year. And also we will decide, finally, where do we go to have a rest this summer …

Antalya coast of Turkey

If you still wrinkle your nose at the words “vacation in Turkey” – see the light! Today it is by right the most popular mass destination with an excellent hotel base, great animation and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The swimming season here begins at the end of May and lasts almost until the end of September.

And here not only the beaches and the famous All Inclusive (hotel – beach – food – drinks – animation), the country also offers numerous water parks, outdoor activities, inexpensive shopping, skiing, and a huge number of architectural attractions. In addition, all this at fairly low prices, if we compare the criteria of “price-quality” with similar hotels on the Black Sea coast of our country.

Turkey Hotels

In short, the main advantages of Turkey: 3 hours to fly from Moscow, good varied food in most hotels, excellent animation, all conditions for recreation with children. Disadvantages: vacation prices are rising every year, in the summer months there are VERY many tourists, the Turks sometimes behave unpleasantly, in July and August it can be stuffy on the Antalya coast.

Where to go to rest on the sea this summer: Greece

The next country, beloved by our compatriots, is Greece. Having been here once, everyone dreams to come back again. Tourists are waiting for the numerous islands, sea, sun, food and wine, beautiful nature, ancient antiquities, discos and fun, as well as friendly Greeks. By the way, we have a lot in common with them, for example, the Orthodox faith.

In recent years, the rest here has become available for many Russian tourists, and the seasonal very low prices for last-minute tours to Greece make it possible to purchase vouchers for even more people. The swimming season at local resorts starts from the beginning of June and lasts until the end of September.


The main advantages of Greece: a high level of service, good conditions for a family beach holiday. Cons: prices for rest, and to visit the country you need to issue a visa.


No less popular, has now become the Russians and Spain. In principle, it is clear why: numerous beach resorts and a rich excursion program (the most beautiful historical cities and sights), the famous Canary Islands and Ibiza Party, economical and at the same time quite serious “ski”, a diverse and very rich nightlife, plus a great opportunity to buy things with podium at very nice prices – these are the main Spanish “trumps”.


The main advantages of Spain: a high level of service, excellent beaches, a rich excursion and great shopping. Cons: prices for rest, and to visit the country you need to issue a visa.

Where to go to rest on the sea this summer: Egypt

Well, the long-suffering Egypt closes our list, to which millions of Russians still come, and come here not only in winter but also in summer. And he is long-suffering, because then the shark-cannibals, the next bus accident with tourists, the attacks or even a real revolution.

But it seems that people’s love for this country, still sunny and at a very affordable price, nothing can shake! For quite a bit of money, you are guaranteed to get here the sun, a warm sea with chic diving conditions, and a good hotel, plus, of course, a holiday on the “All Inclusive”. And if you can buy last-minute tours to Egypt, then in general you can spend a wonderful holiday in a luxury five-star hotel at an affordable price.


The main advantages of Egypt: the sea with the Turkish can not be compared, it is much more beautiful and saltier here, excellent conditions for diving, low prices. Disadvantages: poor food in most hotels, poor animation, political instability, dangerous roads, many Egyptians working in the tourist industry behave unpleasantly, constantly get money from tourists.

Each of the countries listed above has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is difficult to answer with certainty where to go for a vacation at sea this summer. But if the budget for the trip is not very big, and besides, you are with children, then, of course, it is better to go to Turkey, since there are no competitors for a family holiday with children.


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