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Shark attacks: in which countries they attack more often
After the bloody events in the fall of 2010 in Egypt and in the summer of 2011 on the Russian Far Eastern beaches where shark victims were common tourists, we…

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Рецепты из куриной грудки a фото рецепты /a . rufus flash boot
The most interesting sights of Barcelona
Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain, as well as the capital of Catalonia, an important commercial center of the country and a major seaport on the Mediterranean.…

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Singapore alone
For the second year in a row, in September I have visited the Asian city-state of Singapore, popular with tourists from all over the world, located on islands in Southeast…

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How to organize a productive blog tour?

With the development of social networks, especially Instagram and Youtube, blog tours have become one of the most effective ways to promote travel destinations. Many Russian travel bloggers have hundreds of thousands of Russians who are interested in traveling. Their audience multiply exceeds any travel magazine or website. Having organized a FAM tour of literally 10 travel bloggers, it is quite realistic to reach a target audience of 1-2 million people. And given that the promotion will come from a person to whom subscribers are loyal, then such a contact will be much better than a standard advertising message.

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To Cairo: in the footsteps of the Holy Family

On the eve of the opening of regular flights between Moscow and Cairo, you should think about how to spend time, what to look for from the variety of attractions that the many-sided capital city of Egypt can offer, what can serve as an alternative to the usual options and open this country in a new way.

In recent years, the Ministry of Tourism and the Coptic Church of Egypt have been actively promoting and developing a pilgrimage tour – the route of the holy family. It is proposed to follow the path of baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph, who were in Egypt for several years, hiding from King Herod. By itself, the route stretches from Northern Sinai through Cairo and its suburbs to the city of Assiut, includes 25 revered places to complete the entire journey (excluding North Sinai for security reasons) will take 5-8 days. Continue reading

The “Bride” of the Mediterranean – Alexandria

At the time of “open” Egypt, Alexandria was not popular with the mass Russian tourist, mainly from the resorts of the Red Sea they came there on individual excursions for one or several days. With the opening of regular flights to Cairo, given the relatively short distance of 220 km from the capital, you can take a risk and consider this Mediterranean city with a special atmosphere as an independent direction. You can reach it from the capital in three hours, if the trip is organized independently, the cost of travel by bus is only $ 3. Alexandria is stretched along the coastline of the sea, and from there it spreads into thousands of streets with many cafes, restaurants, shops, houses, hotels from luxurious to quite affordable prices. Continue reading

5 places to extend the winter

Not enough winter to go skiing or snowboarding? We offer a selection of resorts located on glaciers or in northern latitudes, where the chances of catching good snow in April or even later are highest. And in order to have enough money for the trip, it is worth considering various types of credit cards and issuing one of them.

The largest glacier in Austria is known as a great place for a family holiday. Guests are waiting for a comfortable ski area for the elderly, a ski school for children, tours of the ice grotto and much more. In addition, the skipass for children under 10 years old is free. In the high season, it is too crowded on Stubai, but by April the skiing becomes more comfortable. Continue reading

Excursions in transit or where the tourist will be offered a free trip during the connection of flights?

Flights with a “long” transfer – not the most favorite offer from tourists. However, at some airports, “being stuck” for a few hours may be an added bonus to travel, because a number of air ports offer tourists not only endless rows of duty-free shops and cafes, but also free educational tours, thanks to which you can replenish your traveler’s collection with one more destination point, often very nontrivial.

But let’s start with the familiar hub of our tourists – Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Here, free tours of Istanbul, however, are available only to tourists of flights of the Turkish national carrier “Turkish Airlines” and provided that they wait for a transfer from six hours to days. Continue reading

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